I've always wanted to be rockstar but instead I got married at a young age to a beautiful woman, have 2 amazing boys, balding and make videos for a radio show.

Life is good.


I'm also a hockey dad:

The little guy is putting his work in on the ice #Pads #Preds #Hockey

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And I am the second half of the Raging Idiots:

This how #oldeddie hails a cab for @radioamy

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Favorite Starbucks drink?

Tall White Chocolate Mocha


Last 3 songs played on my iTunes?

Coldplay - Sky Full of Stars

Stolen Dance - Milky Chance

Shake It Off - Tay Tay


I cried for hours after I saw

Dear Zachary (thanks Bobby)


Favorite fast food

Whataburger #1 plain with cheese and mayo with a Dr Pepper THANK YOU


Favorite Christmas Ornament

is a surfing Santa that my mom bought for me


Most played Album on my iTunes

is Legend by Bob Marley


Top 3 websites that I frequent RIGHT NOW are


ESPN fantasy football

ESPN fantasy basketball


Most used emoji?

I was told that grown men don't use emojis by the girls on the show, so i just write it out (Smiley Face)


If I could learn to do anything

it would be to sail.