Bobby Bones Show Recap Wednesday January 29th


Bobby was watching the YouTube video of Lunchbox sitting in his car during the American Young performance yesterday. A lot of listeners were giving him a hard time for sending LB outside. Bobby says that it was actually Amy who reminded him. Amy says no! She was only asking where LB was, she didn’t see him in the studio. Her question reminded Bobby to send LB to his car. LB says that Amy tries come off as the “nice one,” but she was the reason he was outside yesterday.


Bonehead Story

This story comes to us from Roswell, New Mexico. A woman called in a fake report of a gunman near a convenience store to help a friend avoid a traffic ticket. The officer overheard her phoning the fake report in while checking her friend’s information. The woman was arrested and charged with obstruction.


Show and Tell News

Bobby- There has been a lot of talk about the weather and how it will affect the Superbowl. Now, predictions are very cold, but sunny.


Amy- Crest is coming out with a new line of toothpaste flavors. One of the options will be mint chocolate. Chocolate toothpaste?! The group decides that won’t feel very clean. Amy’s afraid she would just want to eat the tube of toothpaste.


Lunchbox- A rare blast of snow hit the southern US. A number of states were declared in a state of emergency, with windchills reaching -30 degrees.


Ray- Due to the extreme winter weather in the South, hundreds of kids were stranded at school overnight.


President Obama gave his State Of The Union address last night. Here are five bullet points:

Climate change is a fact.

Something needs to be done about the immigration situation.

Taxes can be lowered by created jobs.

Federal employees will get raise.

We want more things that say made in the USA.


There is a new study saying that men are more forgetful than women.


Bobby’s Favorite Songs

Bobby lists some of his favorite songs. It includes John Mayer’s “Stop This Train, “ Zac Brown Band’s “Whatever It Is,” and Counting Crows “Round Here.” But if he had to pick a favorite song, it would probably be “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Eric Paslay will be stopping by tomorrow to cover this song. His current single is “Friday Night.” He has written songs including “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” by Eli Young Band, “Barefoot Bluejean Night” by Jake Owen, “Angel Eyes” by Love and Theft, and Rascal Flatts new single “Rewind.” Also, today is Eric’s birthday. Happy Birthday Eric!


90 Second Skinny

Shania Twain is considering releasing a vegetarian cookbook.


During Go Daddy’s Super Bowl ad, a real woman will quit her job. No acting! Her boss will find out along with everyone else while watching the commercial.


American Idol comes to Salt Lake City tonight.


Intern Lectures Lunchbox

Lunchbox was in the studio alone yesterday, and Morgan came in and asked if he had a minute. She then went on to let him know that it is not acceptable that he has no plans for his girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. LB defends himself, saying that he will be in Wichita for work. She told him that being out of town is not an excuse. He needs to plan something for another weekend, or invite her to Wichita with him.

Also, Intern Morgan is doing an immersion project for school. She has chosen to shadow Bobby. Bobby was concerned that this was just an elaborate plan to stalk him. He investigated, and the project is legitimate. Morgan has to spend a minimum

of 15 hours with Bobby, outside the studio. Bobby said he will agree to this project, if she will agree to run the occasional errand for him.


What Year Was It

Steve called in to play today.


Song- “Rain Is A Good Thing”- Luke Bryan

Movie- Valentine’s Day, WB $110, 485, 654 – Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Topher Grace, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts

News- April 1 – Canadian teen pop/R&B singer Justin Bieber debuts at No.1 on the Billboard 200. At the age of sixteen, this made him the youngest solo male act to top the chart since 1963 when Stevie Wonder did with The 12 Year Old Genius.


Steve picks Lunchbox.


LB- 2012




Answer- 2010


Bieber Story

The Justin Bieber stories continue to get more bizarre. Not only did he egg his neighbor’s house, but he also spit in the guy’s face. The neighbor asked Justin to slow down while driving through the neighborhood. Justin spit in the guy’s face! Then he went on to egg his house. Amy wonders where Justin Bieber will be in 20 years. Lunchbox thinks he will get his life back together.,0,2747301.story#axzz2rnCQL7Mb


Sports Talk

Bobby is a huge sports fan, and does a sports show every Saturday. He was a captain of his high school football team. During one game, Bobby made a call that caused his team to kick at the beginning of the game, and after halftime. He was humiliated. He mentions his high school football coach, and how influential he was in his life. His coach calls in to talk to Bobby. He told Bobby he was really proud of all his success, and that it is well deserved.


Time Marches On

Bobby’s back hurts most mornings. He’s not sure if this is a ‘Time Marches On” thing, or because he loves his dog so much. He sleeps with his dog every night. If his dog is comfortable, he will not move him. This sometimes causes Bobby to sleep in

uncomfortable positions. Amy says sacrificing comfort for someone else is love. Bobby agrees, but also says the back aches make him feel old.


Lunchbox also has a “Time Marches On” moment. The virtual rollercoaster preview at the movie theater makes him motion sick.


Valentine’s Day Plans

Eddie is going to cook his wife dinner for Valentine’s Day. Bobby asks if he’s going to get a sitter. Eddie says his wife isn’t ready to leave the baby with a sitter, but Eddie is ready for a night out. Bobby doesn’t think he needs a boys’ night out. The last time Eddie went out, he got so drunk, he handed the cab driver his entire wallet.


Amy isn’t sure if her husband has plans for them. They will be together this year though, since he isn’t deployed.


The guy Nada is dating will be out of town for work on Valentine’s Day. Also, he’s in the music business. Nada points out that she and Bobby have that in common!


Bobby will have Valentine’s Day plans He’s not sure what yet, but he’ll be doing something with someone he’s been seeing, that IS in the music industry.


Tell Me Something Good

Amy- A teacher shaved his head in support of student being bullied while going through chemo. It inspired kids in the class to shave their heads also.



LB- Formula One mogul Eddie Jordan bought a super yacht with it’s own nightclub.


Bobby- Dr. James Grant was fishing in New Zealand when he was attacked by a shark. He fought the shark off, stitched up his own leg, and then went to the pub.



Lunchbox Volunteers for Swine Flu

The National Institute of Health is offering $3,000 for people who volunteer to be injected with the swine flu. The patients will be “closely monitored.” Lunchbox attempted to call yesterday to sign up. He couldn’t get through because the phone number was released on the air, and the phone lines were tied up. He’s going to try again today.


Fraud Alert!

Bobby is telling everyone to check your accounts. If you notice a random charge for $9.84 that you can’t account for, you may be a victim of fraud. You should contact your bank or credit card company if you notice this.


The Pope Is Cool

Pope Francis is a cool guy. He is on the cover of Rolling Stone. He drives a motorcycle. He is doing a lot to separate himself from previous popes and establish himself as the people’s pope.


Craig Campbell on TMZ

A few months back, Bobby reached out to Craig Campbell to cover Lorde’s song “Royals.” The Raging Idiots recorded it with him. It hit the top 30 on iTunes. Craig played it last night, and TMZ reported it.


Eric Paslay Calls In

Happy Birthday Eric! Eric called in to the show. He’s going to stop by tomorrow to play “Ain’t No Sunshine.” This might be Bobby’s favorite song of all time. See you tomorrow, Eric!


Bonehead Story

An Indiana man set his house on fire while using a blowtorch to remove spider webs.


Eddie’s Son in Trouble at School

Eddie and his wife got a note from his kid’s teacher. Apparently his son has been disrespecting girls in his class. He is saying things like “hurry up!” and “you’re talking too much!” When asked about this, his son said, “Daddy does it too. “ Eddie says that the only think he can think of is when he is telling his wife to hurry up if they are running late.


Cover Songs

Bobby loves asking artists to come in and cover songs. Maggie Rose did an awesome version of “Say Something.” David Nail covered “In The Ghetto.” You can check those

videos on the website. Coming soon, Cole Swindell will cover “Please Don’t Go Girl” by New Kids On The Block.


Top 5 Things Bobby Has Gotten In Trouble For Recently

5. Bobby played New Kids on the Block’s “Please Don’t Go” seven times on the air.

4. Scolding stations for not playing the 9am hour. Some of them go off the air at 9am.

3. Tweeting the number of times he’s been reprimanded in 2014.

2. Tweeting a naked picture of himself with a trophy covering him.

1.Bobby’s twitter fight with Kacey Musgraves.


Lunchbox Interviews America’s Got Talent Hopefuls

Lunchbox interviewed contestants auditioning for America’s Got Talent. People waited hours for a chance to sing for judges, hoping for a shot to make it big. After listening to some of his interviews, some people were in for a rude awakening.


Changes in TV Rating Systems and Favorite Shows

Bobby read a story about TV networks changing rating systems because so many viewers watch online. The most popular showed viewed online right now is The Blacklist.


Bobby asked the group to pick the best show on TV right now.

Bobby- The Blacklist and Revolution

Amy-The Blacklist, Revolution, and Revenge

Lunchbox- Teen Mom 2

Nada- The Bachelor

Eddie- Nashville


Show Wrap Up

Bobby’s going to go home, watch some movies, and stay inside where it’s warm. His parting advice for everyone is, “Be excellent to everyone.” Amy agrees. Be nice today!


Show’s over! Say Bye!