The Bobby Bones Show Recap (Tuesday 9/17/13)

Lunchbox kicked off the show this morning with his review of Walk the Line. He was a fan, which was to be expected. Bobby is now one step closer to converting every member of the show to loving this movie as much as he does.

Bobby came in tired to the show today after having a lot on his mind. He doesn’t agree with a tampon commercial that he saw on TV featuring a woman in a white bikini. He didn’t believe any woman in her right mind would be wearing that during her time of the month.

Show and Tell News

A man shot and killed another man because he complimented his girlfriend’s bathing suit photo on Facebook. The boyfriend tracked down the 48-year-old man and shot him dead 5 days later.

Sunday night’s episode of Breaking Bad has been averaging 5.2 million viewers. This is a 102% increase from last season.


A 25 year old woman was arrested after walking into a store, grabbing a pregnancy test and taking it in the bathroom before walking out of the store without paying.

Tell Me Something Good

A homeless man in Boston found a backpack with $2,400 cash and $40,000 worth of traveler’s checks. The man turned the bag into the police where they were able to return it to the owner.

In LA a man found a homeless dog on Google maps while trying to show his girlfriend where he works. The man found the dog and his mother adopted the dog.

A skydiving man pulled out a ring and proposed to girlfriend in the middle of freefall. She said yes.


Bonehead Story

In California a manager of McDonalds was arrested after robbing his own store. He was caught when employees said that the man kind of sounded like the manager. When the police went to his house they found the stolen money, a mask, and a gun.


Navy Shipyard Shooting

The show discussed the tragic events that took place in Washington D.C. Bobby was not around a TV so Lunchbox caught him up on the story. People do not know what the shooter’s motive was. Bobby and the show sent out their thoughts to all those affected with this situation. Bobby believed that it was a mental problem that could have been helped. The shooter exchanged fire with police and do not know if he took his own life or a police bullet caught him.


Lunchbox Hygiene

Lunchbox didn’t tip the valet yesterday. As the valet got into his car LB heard him say “Oh gross.” The gang agreed that LB isn’t the most hygienic guy out there. It still would have been nice of the valet to wait until LB was out of earshot though.

Country Feuds

Do we need more feuds in the country world? Zac Brown voiced his opinion saying that he thought Luke Bryan’s song “That’s My Kind Of Night” is the worst song he’s ever heard, and there was a lot of backlash because of his comment. Bobby thinks that the fakeness needs to stop, and people need to put more real opinions out there. He wishes every artist would pick a song on the charts right now and admit that they don’t like it. Do we need more disruption??

People are not always going to have the same opinions, and that’s okay as long as people respect each other’s opinions. It’s more fun that people are saying things now.

The conversation caused Jake Owen to tweet at Bobby saying, “Your show sucks. How’s that for a feud?” Jake would win in height, looks, and hair, but Bobby would definitely win in number of fingers, wit, and awkwardness. You definitely can’t base a fight on numbers alone though. In performance however…Raging Idiots take the cake!

Jake’s road manager Bill called in to tell Bobby that Jake says that he will fight him with one hand behind his back. Bobby said that he would rather partake in a finger food eating competition or a thumb wrestling match. After some back and forth, Bobby decided to burry the hatchet.

“Unlikely Duo”

After playing at Megan’s wedding this past weekend in Wichita, Bobby was enraged when he saw that someone wrote about him and Laura Bell Bundy as an “unlikely duo.” Eddie chimed in saying that he should be happy that they mentioned Bobby at all!

What Year Was It

Stephen called in to play What Year Was It.

Song: “Fancy” by Reba McEntire

Movie: Curly Sue

Event: The premiere of Michael Jackson’s music video for “Black or White.”

Stephen sided with LB.

Bobby: 1992

Amy: 1998

LB: 1991

LB guessed correctly so Stephen won a prize! He also admitted to smelling his toenails when he clips them, just like LB. Charming…

Ray’s Announcement

Tomorrow morning is when the 24-hour two-step for charity begins. LB, Ray, and Laura Bell Bundy were going to split it up into shifts, but Ray decided to take the challenge to go 24 hours straight. He says that it will give people something more to root for. It will be more fun for people to follow along and have more of an incentive to donate. Bobby himself pledged that for every hour that Ray dances he would donate $10. It all starts tomorrow morning at 7am CST!

Stephanie called in to say that she once stood for 48 consecutive hours for charity, and she will donate $25 an hour for every hour that Ray can make it.

New Chris Young Album

Chris Young called in to talk about his big album release today. His newest album “A.M.” came out last night, a little before midnight. He will be here on the show Friday to talk all about his new music! Head on over to Itunes to download “A.M.” today!

Ray’s Secret Prediction

Ray has a startling prediction. Last time he was right about LB’s secret girlfriend, and now he knows something new! He is going to write it down, date it, and sealed it. If the secret is not out by January 17th, Bobby will open the envelope to see if his prediction is correct.

What Does The Fox Say country style

Bobby and Eddie are making a country version of “What Does The Fox Say?” and they are looking for an artist to be on the track with them. After playing the song on the show a few weeks ago, the video has over 300 million views on YouTube. They previewed their version and plan on twanging it up even more. If only they could find the perfect country artist to team up with!

NASA Study

NASA is looking for people to lie in bed with their feet raised above their heads for 70 days. They will pay participants $5,000 per month.

Amy’s football commentary

She started off on the right foot by calling Bobby to help her find ESPN on her TV. After referring to the teams as “PIT” and “CIN” she covered everything from the uniforms to the perfect football foods. To hear more of her great commentary check out the podcast!

Laura Bell Bundy calls in

Laura Bell Bundy called into the show to talk about their wedding performance in Wichita. Bobby asked her why anyone would be referred to as an “unlikely duo.” She reassured Bobby that it was not because of his lack of talent.

She talked about her excitement for the 24-hour two-step charity event. She is planning on coming prepared with Gatorade, emergency ace bandages, Advil, and maybe even a masseuse to rub his feet. Bobby stressed the fact that Ray may die in the process, but Laura assured him that they would likely stop before it got to that point.

Dance squads, cheerleaders, and all others are encouraged to come show their support and donate to the cause!


A new medicine of Bobby’s may have hangover-like side effects. Bobby is desperate to know what a hangover feels like so that he can decide whether he should take these meds. Amy says it feels like a headache, and Eddie says that his hangovers are horrible. LB claims that none of his drunken endeavors have ever resulted 

LB wants to sue Netflix

After all the talk of Walk the Line, LB finally wanted to know what the hype was about. He turned to Netflix to finally find out and now he wants to sue them for not having the movie. He argued what is the point of having the streaming account if you can’t see what you want? Amy says that you’re not going to walk into Taco Bell and ask for pizza. LB lashed out in an unnecessary rage and called her an idiot. Tensions were high.

Fast Food to Fine Dining

Three kids were told to leave a London McDonalds when they brought in candles, cutlery, wine glasses and a tablecloth. They were only trying to turn fast food into fine dining.

Bonehead Story

A 52-year-old man was arrested yesterday after deciding that it would be a good idea to throw firecrackers over the fence onto the White House lawn. He was quickly caught and detained.

Tune in tomorrow at 7am CST when Ray, LB, and Laura Bell Bundy begin the 24-hour two-step charity event!