"Joy is not in things; it is in us." -- Richard Wagner

We've all had times in our lives that have tested our patience, faith and ability to stay positive. It takes an extra amount of effort to choose to be happy and pass on joy to others. While we like to Pimp Joy on a daily basis, The Bobby Bones Show is dedicating a full week (March 3-7) to choosing and spreading joy in honor of people that are prime examples of making a conscious effort to not let hardship or difficulty cause them to lose hope or positivity in their lives.


Here's a bit of a backstory in case you're unfamiliar. Amy's mom, Judy, has been battling Cancer for about 2 years. She's fought and won but Cancer persisted and she's currently undergoing more treatment in Houston. However, as rough as it's gotten, Judy remains positive and exudes her best attitude even though she's often feeling her worst. She wants her path, whatever that may be, to make a difference and to influence others to do the same.

"I've seen her make a choice to compliment strangers at the hospital because she feels like it will make a difference. I mean, she talks to people in elevators. Nobody talks in elevators," Amy said.


Judy's character and message have driven Amy to also choose joy (she even got it tattooed on her wrist in her mom’s handwriting) and in turn has brought that positivity into the Bobby Bones Show studio daily. To honor Amy and her mom, we're calling March 3-7 Pimpin Joy Week on the Bobby Bones Show. We're not looking for donations or money. We want to inspire, influence and encourage people to Choose Joy, to spread happiness, to do good things for others and share it with the Bobby Bones Show and the world tweeting and instagramming pictures using #PIMPINJOY