Being single and a cat lady pretty much means my weekends and my holidays are quite different from the married/in relationship people on the show. 

Some days (read: most) I'm cuddling my cat all day. And some weekend days I need to be out in the sun or out at night with friends. 

Nashville is my new home and none of my family lives here and hey, while I love my biological family, my chosen family are just the best. So when Easter rolled around this weekend, plans weren't as pastel-colored family photos as Instagram was filled with. 

It was hot dogs and ping pong and hungover Mexican cokes. AND I'm OK with that. 

A few of my good friends and I spent the day on my patio in the sun nursing our hangovers from the night before, laughing at everything that wasn't that funny and then went on a food tour of the worst foods of all time:

Left over deep dish pizza for "breakfast," hot dogs for lunch and nachos for dinner. While egg hunts and family pics and kinda creepy bunny costumes are amazing for some, I loved my not-so adulting Easter. 

Ps. I never drink soda, but when I'm hungover, the only thing I want is a Mexican Coke and I'll tell ya what, It's glorious. The difference is it's filled with natural cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, which is SO bad for you.