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AMY’S BLOG: “Cauliflower pizza crust is legit + very manly.” – my husband

We’ve been doing pizza night at the house the past few weekends…but with a twist…cauliflower crust. My husband grew up with “pizza night” every Saturday night in his home…they’d order pizza…watch a movie and then eat big bowls of ice cream. His parents still do it to this day…even with their kids all grown up and gone!

I see us continuing a similar tradition in our home once the kids come…but a healthier alternative. For one…we try to keep it pretty healthy up in our house…but for two…our kids are coming from an orphanage in Haiti…where yes they get food…but they’ve been lacking in nutrients their entire lives…so we have some making up to do!

So there’s where CAULIFLOWER PIZZA CRUST comes in clutch. You still get the pizza experience but with a veggie base instead of bread. Genius.

I know there are several cauliflower crusts on the market…but the only one I can personally recommend is Califlour Foods. I first learned about them on Instagram…people were raving about them…so I placed an order on Amazon. We liked them so much…I’ve ordered again…and again.  

We’ve been keeping our pizza toppings pretty simple lately…pizza sauce + sautéed onions + green bell pepper + goat cheese + Canadian bacon (for my husband). Below I put some links to recipe ideas for toppings and then some meat combos that you may want to try out!

Topping Combo Ideas Sans Meat:

Spinach, Butternut Squash and Pesto Pizza

Healthy Dill Ranch & Roasted Mushroom Pizza on Califlour Foods Crust

And Topping Combo Ideas That Include Meat: 

  • Sausage + caramelized onions
  • Pepperoni + tomatoes + mushrooms + onion
  • Pepperoni + sausage + green pepper + onion + mushroom
  • BBQ sauce + topped with grilled chicken + cheddar cheese
  • Gorgonzola + bacon + apples + red onion
  • Roasted red peppers + chorizo + feta
  • Sausage + pineapple
  • Buffalo chicken + blue cheese
  • Bacon + avocado

Also, if you’d rather make your own cauliflower crust instead of buying…bless you!!! CLICK HERE for recipe that I have heard is good. Labor intensive…but good. My friend Gracie …who told me about this recipe…says be sure to squeeze out all of the water…it takes a bit of effort and time…but really helps with the texture!