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AMY'S BLOG: If You've Bought Any Clothes With ESPWA, Watch This!

As you may know...everything from The Shop Forward pays it forward in some way shape or form...hence the name! Donations go to various things. Most recently you’ve likely seen a lot for disaster relief + vegas victims via the ‘love > hate’ and #PIMPINJOY lines. There’s also several ongoing ESPWA...which is close to my heart because donations go to Haiti...specifically the orphanage where my kids live...but also to other organizations that are doing amazing things down there. I think it’s important to update you on how the donations are making a scroll down to see a cool video that shows one way you’re doing some good when you shopESPWA tees #4ThingsTotes + etc...

All the feels. Thanks to so many of you...its super cool that we've been able to help the orphanage where my kids are + other amazing organizations in Haiti {such as FLGL}. Your support means the world!