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Nada's Blog: Little Known Burnout

Little known fact about me: I've been dealing with + treating Adrenal Failure/Burnout for about a year now.

Woof, I know. Heavy way to start my first-ever blog on bobbybones.com, ha. BUT. There is a reason for this sudden desire to share -- I went to my first yoga class alone the other day. And trust me, that's a big accomplishment at this point. I'm excited to CRAVE working out again since I've been told by doctors I couldn't while I got better. 


If ya don't know (and I didn't until I was told I had it so don't worry), your adrenals are your glands above your kidneys and they basically RUN.YOUR.BODY.

Fo real. They produce lots of hormones but especially adrenal and cortisol and when they fail so does everything else. It's crazy how much your body/mind/emotions are all tied together and I should've listened to my therapist the first time she told me that. Whoops. Sorry, Sally. Basically I've gotten no sleep + had lots of stress/anxiety and that led to the burnout, which means my body isn't producing those hormones anymore.

I haven't really talked openly about this because it's been miserable and I felt embarrassed and like I was just complaining. But I should have compassion for myself (thanks, Sally). 

Health is so important and failed adrenals make you not want to care about anything except sleep and eating all the sugar and carbs. Sounds wonderful, but it's not after a few days and this has been a year-long struggle. 

More symptoms?? Gaining weight (ugh), lethargy, no motivation, stress, depression, getting sick all the time, moodiness, etc etc etc etc. 

And while most people look at my socials for the past year and think "I would've never known," that's the point. Socials are just a piece of what any of our lives really are. Despite this issue, I have had a great year and I'm grateful. I mean I MET SHANIA TWAIN soooooo: 


BUT, the real point of this is just to say that if you're struggling with anything -- health, injury, depression, stress -- Share it. Talk about it. Have compassion for yourself. Treat yourself better. And know that this season of your life (no matter how long it takes) will end and a new one will start. 

Just to bring this back full circle, here are happier little known facts about me:

  • I'm afraid of the dark
  • I freeze my Kit Kats because if you don't I don't trust you
  • My text response speed is usually .4 seconds
  • I'm obsessed with Prosecco. 
  • I drink wine in the shower sometimes
  • I still have a box for each ex filled with everything from our relationship. I don’t think it makes sense to throw away a part of my life and my history. I just don't EVER open them.

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