Learn More About Brett Eldredge From This FB Live Chat

BRETT ELDREDGE's self-titled fourth album is out Friday, so to help promote it he took questions from fans on a CMT Facebook chat

A few notable questions...  

  • His favorite country legend is George Jones.  
  • His secret talent is that he can clap with one hand.  
  • His favorite food is barbecue ribs. BUT don't eat around him...he said, "I really don't like eating noises.  So don't chew around me.  It's gross."
  • Craziest road experience was "I caught a bra onstage without looking."
  • And his advice for an aspiring musician is pretty simple, "Be relentless. Take the no's and turn them into yes's. People are going to tell you no a lot of times, and if you really want it, then you have to want it as much as you breathe."

Watch the full interview below!