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Luke Combs Says Jason Aldean & Brantley Gilbert are Big Influencers To Him

Joy Week 2018 kicked off Monday (October 8) on the Bobby Bones Show. The week is dedicated to encouraging listeners of the show to choose joy, spread happiness, and do good things for others. The week also brings in live performances from country music stars to raise money for military members.

Luke Combs was the third artist to come in for an hour-long performance with his full band. They performed Combs hits "One Number Away," "Hurricane," "She Got The Best Of Me," "When It Rains It Pours," "Beautiful Crazy," and a "Take It Easy" medley of classic hits. You can catch snippets of these performances on our Instagram Story and IGTV. 

While in the studio, Combs shared that while on tour his song "When It Rains It Pours" is the song that the crowds always singalong the most to and he's always, always carrying a dip can with him to get through the long hours. Although he lost his voice during a time on the tour, Combs isn't doing things differently saying it was "bound to happen [...] little things add up."

Fame has been a new component to Combs life in recent years, but he said that his girlfriend will knock him down off his "peg" if he gets too big headed. To them, fame doesn't exist in their relationship. She was also the one who woke him up from a deep sleep to share that he was nominated for CMA Male Vocalist of the year for 2018 awards. Although fame isn't a big factor to them, Combs humbly shared that he has contact information for Ed Sheeran and weatherman Jim Cantori. He also noted that Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert were big influences for Combs on how to cater to the crowds and treat crew and openers on the road.