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Class of 2019 Artist Lauren Jenkins Used To Have Wrestling TV Show Job

Lauren Jenkins has been a touring artist since she was 15 years old, music has always been her constant companion. Jenkins was chosen as one of Bobby Bones "Class of 2019" artists. Her debut album No Saint comes out in March of 2019. She stopped by Bobby Bones Show Replay to talk her new accomplishments and perform her first single Give Up The Ghost (Lauren Jenkins)

During the interview, Jenkins revealed the interview with Bones was actually her first radio interview in her music career. Before music became her primary income, Jenkins had a variety of odd jobs. At about 15 years old, she modeled for Mellow Yellow and Coke advertisements. She was a competitive swimmer, appearing in the junior olympics. A big job though was being a host of a wrestling TV show.

Check out her performance of "Give Up The Ghost" here and the full interview on The Bobby Bones Show below.