TMSG: Eagle Scout Donates Hundreds Of Stuffed Animals To Minnesota Police

An Eagle Scout in Minnesota donated 1,000 stuffed animals for a personal project and donated them to St. Paul Police Department.

Elliot Helmer, 17, chose this project to complete his training on becoming an Eagle Scout. He started collecting the plush toys on February 16th and has received a little over 1,000 toys so far. "“I hope it can provide comfort to children in traumatic situations and help break the ice when they are dealing with police officers", Helmer told Pioneer Press. The stuffed animals are used to help the police comfort children during traumatic situations and foster positive relationships.

TheThe future Scout began his drive at a local church and elementary school. He managed to fill 60 giant trash bags full of toys! Bravo Elliot Helmer.

Photo by Getty Images

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