Brooklyn Decker Offers Up Her Tesla To Lunchbox For His High School Reunion

Lunchbox is headed to his 10 year high school reunion back in Texas soon. At first he was looking to rent a Lamborghini to impress his classmates. He wanted to show off how successful he was now by renting a fancy car to show up in. Then he shifted to looking into Teslas instead after finding out that it cost almost $2k to rent a Lamborghini for just 24 hours.

He was talking on The Bobby Bones Show about renting Teslas for his reunion when Brooklyn Decker saw the story on social media. She replied back to a tweet about the situation telling Lunchbox he could borrow hers and it's in Austin (where his reunion will be).

Decker is a good friend of the show, specifically Bobby Bones and Amy so her tweeting about it could definitely be a joke, but Lunchbox took it seriously. The debate on the show then became about if he does actually get to use Decker's Tesla... how would he say it to his friends at the reunion? Ultimately the show decided his best way to 'show off' would be to say that he borrowed his 'friend Brooklyn Decker's' Tesla rather than just saying it's his.

She saw everything go down on Twitter and responded back to a tweet about everyone at the reunion probably hearing this and it "wasn't cool anymore," but she then replied with another tweet saying "no namedropping and it's yours for the evening."