Bobby Finally Watched The First Toy Story Movie


The much anticipated release of Toy Story 4 finally happened. The film came out with rave reviews and a whopping 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. Fans of the Disney Pixar movie series couldn't wait to see how the characters continued after Toy Story 3 was released in 2010.

Bobby Bones has yet to watch many, if at all, Disney movies. He finally decided to watch the very first Toy Story released back in 1995. His review watching the movie almost 25 years after it first came out is hilarious and honest in all kinds of ways. He couldn't believe the beef between two main characters, the human character's personality traits, as well as why the dog had to be 'bad.'


A break down of Bobby's reviews as he wrote on his Instagram Story and Twitter:

Why did no one tell me that Buzz and Woody had beef? This is more awkward than when Captain America and Ironman weren’t boys for a minute.

  • Sid, the neighbor kid needs a good a** whoopin . Or probably more than likely a good hug and a little attention. Do we know what his parental situation is
  • When Buzz lightyear is told by the tv that he can’t really fly and tries anyway. I felt that. (I also felt that when he fell on his face)
  • Sid, the neighbor kid, going to be in therapy for life after all his toys came back to life and talked to him. Prob pushed him into hard drugs.
  • Not a fan that they made the dog a bad guy. And he was def a pit breed. Knowing Sids family, they never played with him or fed him.
  • Glad to see Woody and Buzz settle their differences and be friends. They don't come from the same part of the world. They don't look the same. They don’t agree on all things. But they are more alike than they aren’t. Wish America could take a lesson from Toy Story.

Bobby says he wants a follow up on Sid's dog because the last you see him he's trapped on the highway.

Bobby Bones

Bobby Bones

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