Lunchbox Finally Heard From The Bank After They Accidentally Deposited $700

Since March 2019, Lunchbox has been in the clear after a situation at his bank. He found out that his bank accidentally deposited over $700 to his account that he or his wife did not do. He waited for a few weeks to see if anything would come of it, but there was no one calling or reaching out.

Lunchbox decided he was just going to keep the money and buy a trip to Las Vegas for him and his wife. It's been over 5 months now and the trip has come and gone with no response from the bank... until now. They sent a letter to his house writing that there had been an accidentally deposit and they would be removing the $700 from his account in the coming days. Obviously Lunchbox was bummed that it caught up with him, but he said he'd make sure the money was in his account from them to withdrawal.