Bobby Opens Up About Things He Shares With His Therapist

Bobby Bones has always been very open about his struggles with relationships. He has been in a few serious relationships in his life, but he has never said "I Love You" in any of them.

In order to find out the reason behind why all of his relationships have not succeeded, Bones started seeing a new therapist who specializes in relationships. His therapist only normally sees couples, but allowed Bones to come in by himself in an effort to give him some new, fresh support that he maybe hadn't received.

Sometimes, Bones will share with listeners on The Bobby Bones Show about his therapy sessions like what he's talking about and what he's been told. At a recent appointment, Bones opened up with the show sharing that he talked with his therapist about some body image issues he has. He struggles with how he looks and wonders how someone "would be attracted to that." She obviously tells him not to think that way, but he said it's something he's been working on for awhile.