Food World: Tostitos Now Selling 'Spicy Queso' Flavored Chips

The perfect bag of chips may have finally just arrived on store shelves. Tostitos is famously known as the brand of tortilla chips people buy when they are having queso, salsa, or guacamole at their party... or even when they're eating at home alone.

Either way, Tostitos has been faithfully by our sides for many years. But now, they're just bringing their A-Game even more. They dropped queso-flavored tortilla chips.

This new gem can be found at Target or Kroger for only $3. They're the perfect snack option if you just want to eat them alone, but they're also perfect if you're the double dipper when it comes to queso and salsa. Now you can just take your queso chip and dip it in salsa without the mess.

The chips are promoted as having a 'hint of spicy queso' as well as hints of jalapeño, and lime. Don't walk, run to grab these bags in stores now.