Brothers Osborne Reunite With Dad For First Public Performance In 20 Years

Brothers Osborne dropped their highly anticipated Skeletons album today. To celebrate, they brought their father Big John into The Bobby Bones Show studio with them. Before Brothers Osborne existed, they played in their family band Deuce & A Quarter with their father. However, it's been over 20 years since the family band was reunited for an official performance.

Big John just moved to Nashville from their hometown in Deale, MD. He's finally all settled in to be closer to his sons and joked with Bobby Bones, "A week ago I was working on a toilet, now I'm on The Bobby Bones Show." John and TJ are both named after their father and they refer to him as Big John. He always thought that his sons had something going on when they were younger and they were great about working hard. He knew how tough Nashville would be for them to pursue their careers as he himself tried several years ago. Despite that, Brothers Osbornes parents were incredibly supportive of their dreams to pursue a music career. Big John says they were a really "loose family," and if someone wanted to pursue an opportunity, they would all support each other.

As for watching his sons win their first big award, Big John thought it was crazy. During their award acceptance speech, TJ said "I wish my dad was here," and it made people think Big John was dead. He said their little town in Maryland was concerned for Big John's health for awhile until realizing TJ just meant he physically wished his dad was at the awards show. As for going on the road with his sons and playing the shows, Big John says the closest he's getting to a stage is The Bobby Bones Show. While on the show, they played a Deuce & A Quarter original song "My Girl She Rides Like A Cadillac." This performance was the first time they played together publicly in 20 years.

Talking about their new album out today, Big John says Brothers Osborne's Skeletons "is smokin." Brothers Osborne shared that the title track of the album "Skeletons" was the first song that made them want to move forward with making a new album. The song felt unique and different enough, so they knew the song was the direction they wanted to go for the new album.