TMSG: Newlywed Couple Delivers Flowers To Those Going Through Hard Times

Florist making a flower arrangement with proteas

Florist making a flower arrangement with proteas

A newlywed couple personally delivered dozens of floral arrangements from their wedding to those going through tough times due to the pandemic.

Chance and Hannah Buckner got married on September 19th and Hannah didn't want to toss out all of her flowers. So she put a call out on Facebook. She wrote, "If anyone knows of someone going through a tough time, an elderly or disabled person that is alone on their street, even if you’ve never talk to them but just see them occasionally. Please message me their address and I will deliver a flower arrangement to them with an encouraging note."

Her post received hundreds of comments and messages from people nominating others like some battling COVID-19 and cancer, some experiencing recent loss, teachers going through tough times, and others that felt lonely.

Hannah told USA Today, "We had a few people cry, got some hugs and many thank you's. We had one lady hug us and cry and that one person made it all worth it."

Photo: Getty Images