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Movie Mike's See It Or Skip It? Clint Eastwood's Cry Macho

Who doesn’t love a good Clint Eastwood movie? At 91-years-old...he has been starring and directing in movies for what seems like forever. I found the premise of this movie interesting so sat down to watch it on HBO Max. 

Eastwood plays an ex-rodeo star turned washed-up horse breeder who gets fired at the start of the movie. Months later, he takes a job from his ex-boss, played by Dwight Yoakam, to bring his teenage son home and away from his alcoholic mom who lives in Mexico. So Eastwood goes to Mexico City...finds the kid’s mom...and then finds the kid to convince him to come back to the US with him to go live on his dad’s big ranch. 

It started out pretty good and I was interested to see how the story would unfold...but then it got bad when I realized Eastwood was not right for the part. As great of an actor as he is...his acting was very weak and lines feel almost forced. It may have been too much for him to star and direct this movie. I couldn’t look past the fact that he’s in his 90s and supposed to be a love interest. But not only that...the mom hires people to follow them and stop them from entering the U.S. and I’m expected to believe that these hardcore Mexican henchmen can’t easily stop a kid and a 90-year-old guy?

But not only a hispanic myself...I didn’t find it to accurately portray Mexico. Overall, I was looking for a much grittier story but felt more like a PG-13 road trip movie that with a few more laughs and gags could have been a Nickelodeon production. The only highlights were Yoakam as the dad and the bond between the kid and his Rooster named Macho. I give it 2 out of 5 Roosters. So I say skip It. 

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