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Amy Issues PSA to Homeowners After Drainage Situation

Amy shared on The Bobby Bones Show today (February 10) that they've been having a drainage issue at their house.

They thought the problem could be with their gutters. So they called out a company to check out their gutters who gave them a quote of $329. The company didn't say anything was wrong with the gutters, but said they were able to clean them out. Amy decided to get another quote done and that company came out to give them a quote of $400. With both of those quotes, Amy shared that she couldn't justify spending that much money without actually knowing if it was going to fix their drainage problem.

That's when Amy decided to call one more company for a third quote. Brothers that just do Gutters came out and told Amy her gutters looked great, they didn't see any issues with them, and they couldn't charge her any money for that because that's not how they do business.

Amy's PSA was to homeowners to make sure to do some research and get multiple quotes because sometimes people may just make you spend your money without fixing the problem.