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Amy Had a “Yes Day” With Her Kids

This past weekend was Memorial Day, and several people spent the weekend traveling or with their loved ones.

Amy spent the weekend with her family. She decided to have a "yes day" with her kids, where she said yes to pretty much everything (within parameters). She shared on her Instagram that she said yes to doing a fast tube ride with her daughter Stachira, when normally she likes moderate thrills/slow tubing. She said yes to the kids request for drinking mountain dew and eating cookies and candy at 10:00 a.m. She said yes to kayaking with her son Stevenson, even though they had just gotten back from a long boat ride and Amy wanted to chill on the dock with everyone. She also shared that she said yes to a post dinner dance session, which delayed them from getting on the road to go home when planned.

While talking about her yes day during The Bobby Bones Show, Amy said she was really happy she did it. It really made her and her kids weekend.