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Bobby Hangs Out With Friend He Met via Video Game IRL

Bobby Bones is a big fan of video games.

Normally he plays with some of his close friends and they talk over their headsets. However, there was one night when his team of friends needed another player for their game. So Bones jumped on his Twitter and asked if anyone wanted to play video games, and Andrew happened to be on Twitter at the same time. He was playing another game with his friends, but decided to shoot a message back at Bones that he would play with them. The two got connected and Andrew started playing NBA2K with Bones and his friends. Now he plays the game with them all the time. Andrew was only 19 years old when he started playing with Bones and his friends, but now he's in his early 20s.

Andrew stopped by The Bobby Bones Show and shared he goes to school at Kansas University, where he's studying to become a lawyer. But in his down time, he still plays video games whenever possible between his friends and Bones' crew. Bones wanted to reiterate that video games can be used for some real life connections, and his friendship with Andrew shows exactly that.