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Fun Facts We Learned About Dolly Parton From Interviews On The Show

Photo: Getty Images North America

Today (January 19) is Dolly Parton’s 77th birthday! The show shared a list of some things they have learned from interviewing Parton over the years, 

Here are the top 5.  

  1. She wrote “Jolene” and “I Will Always Love You” on the same day. She remembers all her paperwork from those songs came out at the same time. 
  2. She was asked to use her song “I Will Always Love You” for the movie The Bodyguard and sent it in, but never heard anything back. Then one day she heard it while driving and heard Whitney Houston singing it on the radio. She said it was so overwhelming she almost wrecked and said it was one of the most overwhelming moments of her life. 
  3. She shared she doesn't like to fly and if it’s possible wants to travel by bus anytime she can. 
  4. She said she will write songs everywhere and sometimes they come to her in a dream. If she’s taking a bath, she always have a tape recorder next to her so she doesn't forget a line.
  5. She revealed what she requires on her tour bus is just water, and a cheese and fruit plate for people who come on the bus.  

Photo: Getty Images