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BBS Show Member Chosen As Employee of the Month

The Bobby Bones Show Employee of the Month was chosen!   

Bobby Bones recognizes the employee who shined the most in the last month. The winner gets to spin the wheel and possibly win some money, or they can choose to do self-promotion or block someone else from winning Employee of The Month in the future. 

Bones shared some highlights about everyone. For Amy, he noted that she shared the awkward DM she got from Rodney Atkins wife after she heard Lunchbox making fun of his Cameo prices, she’s been revealing more details about her divorce, but since she spoiled Suits, that eliminated her from winning.  

Abby shared the saga about her concert, but her offering Eddie the money then backing out eliminated her from winning. Lunchbox shared an exclusive interview with Thomas Rhett backstage at CMA Fest, he got a cringe worthy interview with Daughtry, proposed a new bathroom rule when he heard the ladies use the bathroom, but he failed when he tried to eat 3 pounds of guacamole, so that eliminated him.  

There were three people that made it to the finals. First was Morgan because she revealed she has a boyfriend, brought in several updates about him, did another smell test and helped the show get over 10million views on their social channels. Second was Raymundo because he creeped out Sam Hunt when he came to the studio and blindly submitted his car to get fixed by Chase Matthew for two months. And Eddie was a finalist because he got a hair system, ate 108 pieces of popcorn shrimp, brought a new segment called ‘What Is This Crap,’ to the show and signed an NDA about an artist secret. Because of that, Eddie was the winner!  

Eddie chose to spin the wheel and won $26!