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Lunchbox’s Drama over Charity Golf Tournament & Free Food In Studio

Lunchbox got a one-on-one interview with Walker Hayes at his charity golf tournament and asked him exclusive questions like what the weirdest thing about him is and he shared that he is a counter. He can’t sleep in an odd number hotel room, and he counts every single day like his bite number, steps and more and he never does anything in odd numbers. Hayes also shared this he’s taking his family on the road with him this summer for their vacation. The last question Lunchbox asked was what the hardest part about being Hayes was and he answered that he doesn’t think anything is.  

One of Morgan’s friends was at this same charity golf tournament and told her that they saw him taking every single color of the free hats they were offering. He shared that there was a blue, gray and white hat and he couldn’t decide which color he wanted. He told them and they said he could take all three, so he did. They weren’t sure if the people were that agreeable about it or if it was more that they didn’t know what to do so they just let him take the three. Lunchbox is happy that he now has multiple hats to wear while he golfs.  

Abby chimed in that she thought it was hilarious because she saw Lunchbox blow up when someone else did something similar. Rasing Canes brought in food, and everyone was eating it after the show besides Lunchbox and Raymundo because they were recording a podcast. When they came in after there wasn’t much left and Lunchbox freaked out because Eddie took some of the food home for his kids. Eddie shared that he did it because he wanted Lunchbox to understand how it feels to be the person that gets taken advantage of. Lunchbox said it’s different because Eddie should’ve waited until everyone got food before he took home leftovers.