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Eddie Has A Meeting With Executive Over Smokin’ Chicken

Eddie shared how he ran into a Kroger executive who recognized him because he was a fan of the show. They started talking and he found out the executive ran 20 Kroger's around Nashville and he later realized he missed out on a huge opportunity for his Smokin’ Hot Chicken business.

Turned out the executive was listening and reached out to Eddie and wanted to set up a meeting with him where he’ll pitch his idea. He wants to know who he should partner with so he can produce more of his chickens per store. Eddie doesn’t make that many chickens per month, so his goal is to find a way that he can expand his business with a partnership so some of the stores in the area can sell his chicken. Eddie plans on bringing one of his chickens to the meeting so the executive can taste why his chickens should be sold in Kroger stores in the Nashville area!