Keith Urban Releases New Song From Upcoming Album, 'Change Your Mind'

Keith Urban Releases New Song From Upcoming Album, 'Change Your Mind'

Keith Urban is giving fans yet another glimpse at his upcoming new album, The Speed Of Now Part 1, with the release of "Change Your Mind" on Friday (August 7).

Urban's new song takes a look back at a past relationship in which he admits he was the problem. He wonders if maybe he could change her mind if he changes himself as well.

"You changed your world / You changed your hair and the clothes you wear and your pillow side," Urban sings in the chorus. "You changed your number and got some friends that I don't recognize / But I wonder sometimes / Is it too late to try / If I changed, would you change your mind?"

"Change Your Mind," written by Matthew Bair and Fransisca Hall, is one of several songs Urban has already shared from his forthcoming album, due out on September 18. He's previously released "God Whispered Your Name," "Polaroid," and "Superman." The project also features two versions of the Urban's 2019 single "We Were" and a remix with Eric Church, who also wrote the song.

Urban's new release comes just days after he revealed the album's cover and track listing, although a few details were still missing. The names of three collaborators who appear on "Out the Cage" and "One Too Many" have not yet been shared with fans.

Urban previously shared a bit of the inspiration behind the album's title, The Speed of Now Part 1. He said that the name came to him in October 2019 at a time when life felt like it was flying by faster than ever before. However, now, he says the title has taken on a "whole new meaning" as the world battles through the coronavirus pandemic.

The Speed of Now Part 1 is due out on September 18. See the full track listing below.

Keith Urban, The Speed Of Now Part 1 Track List

  1. "Out The Cage" (Collaboration TBA)
  2. "One Too Many" (Collaboration TBA)
  3. "Live With"
  4. "Superman"
  5. "Change Your Mind"
  6. "Forever"
  7. "Say Something"
  8. "Soul Food"
  9. "Ain't It Like A Woman"
  10. "With You"
  11. "Tumbleweed"
  12. "God Whispered Your Name"
  13. "Polaroid"
  14. "Better Than I Am"
  15. "We Were"
  16. "We Were" (Ft. Eric Church)

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