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Best and Worst of June with Mike and Kelsey + Movie Review: Despicable Me 4

Movie Mike and Kelsey are back to recap all the movies they saw together in June. They share what movies are a must see and which ones to skip. They also get into the return of the rom-com, the downfall of Dakota Johnson and what director is bringing back the use of nudity in movies. In the Movie Review, Mike and Kelsey give their thoughts on Despicable Me 4. The family is back with a new member to the family, Gru Jr., who's intent on tormenting his dad. They give their thoughts on where it stacks up in the franchise, the excellent voice acting and how the movie did a parody of one of Mike’s favorite superhero movie moments. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about the new comedy starring Aubrey Plaza called “My Old A**”.   She plays a 40 year old who is self imparting wisdom to her teen self after the teenager version of herself dosed herself with shrooms while on a camping trip.


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