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Morgan #2's Review + Top 5 Favorite Things About Her New iPhone X!

This morning on the Early Show Message, Morgan #2 revealed her weekend purchase... the iPhone X. Lunchbox attempted to use her facial recognition feature and failed. But more than that, we got to see how cool the new iPhone X really is. 

Early Show Message - Monday

The iPhone X is a highly coveted iPhone due to the new technology on it. So here's Morgan #2's top 5 favorite things about it + maybe it will help you decide to upgrade orrrrr not. 

#1. The Portrait Photo Feature/Photo Quality

Seriously the new phone has incredible photo quality. Portrait mode makes photos look like they were taken on an expensive DSLR camera. 

#2 Facial Recognition Feature

This seems futuristic and a little crazy to wrap your head around, but it's actually really cool. No one can get into your phone without your face (duh) + your code. If it's you, it unlocks immediately and you don't have to do a thing. CRAZY. 

#3 No Home Button

You think you would miss this button, but nope! Instead it makes the phone feel more sleek and sharp. You tap the screen to activate the phone. Talk about more futuristic stuff!

#4 The Full Screen (No Sides Anymore)

You think high definition TV is cool? Think just like that, but for your phone. The whole wrap around screen thing makes the experience of having a phone that much more cool. 

#5 The 'Hey Siri' Feature

No longer do you have to hit the home button to get Siri's attention. Just holler a 'Hey Siri' at your phone and she'll respond. This is pretty epic considering all of Morgan #2's old phones with Siri capabilities never really liked her (lol).