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Sam Hunt's Life Is More Balanced Now Than It Used To Be

Sam Hunt released "Downtown's Dead" this past Wednesday, his first song in 15 months. Today, he stopped by the Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new single and catch up on life.

He told Bobby Bones that he feels like he's in the early stages of a new chapter of his life after getting married last year, and that his life is a lot more balanced then it was 12 - 18 months ago. What do you mean by balanced Bones asked. 

I'm at home a lot more. Not on the road nearly as much. I'm not staying up all night writing songs, you know. I don't know how to do things, like, work in the yard and stuff like that now, which I had not done before. So, on and off planes, on and off buses, on and off stages that was life for, you know, three years. And that's slowed down a little bit in the last 12 months. I'm taking a deep breath, and it's been nice.

That new focus doesn't mean he isn't thinking about music, just that he isn't thinking about it as much. "I was so hyper focused on music for four years. That I looked up four years later and it was like a different world around me. And people I had grown close to, I reconnected with them. Like man, you guys, your lives changed. People having babies, people evolving as people and I feel like I've just been in this routine. It wasn't a rut, I was enjoying it. It was something I really loved to do, making music. But I don't think that we should be doing anything as consistently as I was doing music. I just think, my interests needed to be diversified a bit. And that's part of that balance comment I made a minute ago. So, that's kinda where I am now."

Sam revealed during the interview that he has pieces of 40-60 different songs started. He said he started "Downtown's Dead" a couple of years ago and it sort of stood out two or three months ago as a song that he should finish.

Even though he has all these songs started, there isn't an album ready yet. He said the songs don't have enough continuity to create a good album. He does though have another song titled "Nothing Lasts Forever" that will be released in a month.

I've got another song that I'm gonna put out here in a few weeks, that is another step in the direction towards hopefully what will become something, something new from me. In terms of a record and maybe, a new direction or a step forward and evolving as an artist or writer. But, so yeah, I got a bunch of songs just sittin around that aren't necessarily ready to put out, but maybe they'll pop up and start shining like "Downtown's Dead" did, you know, just a few months ago. And I'll get inspired and finish em and put em out. So, well see.

Watch the entire interview below.

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