Thomas Rhett Considers Opening For Kenny Chesney A Bucket List Experience

Thomas Rhett is spending many of his weekends this summer opening for Kenny Chesney on his Trip Around the Sun Tour, and he says, “Opening for Kenny at a stadium I think is every artist’s bucket list because he’s made such a spectacle out of… that’s what he does he’s a stadium act … And so to get up there and open for a legend and a hero, and one day when he’s not touring anymore I can say that I got to be a direct support for Chesney on a stadium day.”

Thomas is also soaking up as many lessons from Kenny to take back to his own Life Changes Tour, which will relaunch in the fall, and to his future tours, because in his eyes, Kenny’s touring life is the model that all artists aspire to.  Thomas says, “When you can build your career to where you don’t do anything but play stadiums because you physically can’t fit that many people in an arena, that’s the goal.  And Kenny has just done such a great job at just not only cutting great songs but just being like a good person and being such a smart businessman, just the way that he markets himself.”

One of the biggest lessons Thomas has gotten from Kenny is to create more than just a concert for his fans.  He says, “I think what Kenny has done the best is he’s created such an atmosphere for people that it’s like, even if you’ve never even heard of Kenny Chesney you know what you’re going to experience at a Kenny Chesney concert, so you go. And I think it’s amazing when you can learn how to create an atmosphere rather than just put on a show.”

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Photo: Getty Images