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Seth Ennis and Little Big Town Want You to "Call Your Mama"

Seth Ennis and Little Big Town want you to call your mama. 

The rising star has been playing the new tune on the road thanks to the country heavy weights urging him to include it in his set after they heard him play it while supporting them in the UK.

“A couple weeks after I wrote it, I was in the U.K. opening for Little Big Town,” Ennis explains. “My mom ended up coming overseas and surprising me at a show. So I decided to play the song, for the first time, and surprise her. Karen and Kimberly [of Little Big Town] were listening backstage and the second I walked off stage they said that I had to play that song in my set for the rest of the tour. The response on the road was so amazing and special that I knew I had to cut the song and put it out.”

He was even able to recruit the country stars to help him record the heartfelt track. "Call your mama . Sit and listen to her small town drama / And get you all caught up on all your sisters and your brothers," Ennis croons in the chorus. "Boy, listen to your mother / 'Cause you ain't ever gonna get another / Someone you get to call your mama."

Listen to the thoughtful track below.

Photo: Getty Images