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Thieves Crash Truck Into Gas Station Store To Steal ATM

Police in Rancho Cordova, California are looking for a trio of thieves who stole an ATM from inside a gas station convenience store early Thursday (December 13) morning. The three men were captured on surveillance cameras crashing their truck through the front door of the store just before 4 a.m. 

One of the men got out, attached a cable to the ATM inside, and connected it to the truck. The driver floored the pickup truck, ripping the machine out of the store. The three men then loaded it into the bed of the truck before driving away. It took the thieves about one minute to pull off the heist. 

Officials said that the men also attempted a similar theft at a nearby liquor store. 

"They did do this at another location here in Rancho Cordova also this morning but were unsuccessful in actually getting the ATM out," said Sgt. Shaun Hampton.

Police believe that the truck could be stolen and are asking the public for help in identifying the individuals and told them to be on the lookout for a red pickup truck that has damage to its rear and front end.