Maren Morris Delivers A 'Girl' Power Performance During Album Release Party

Maren Morris is a girl who's at the top of her game, ready to make history, and on course to do just that.

Just days after the release of her second full-length studio album, GIRL, and the start of her "Girl World Tour" the 28-year-old songstress graced the iHeartRadio stage in NYC to celebrate her mega-success with an iHeartRadio Album Release Party, hosted by Bobby Bones. Performing a few of her past hits and songs off her new 14-track album, Maren gave a small group of lucky fans a listening party they'll never forget.

First up was her latest track, "Girl," which she explained is a song all about coming out on the other side of self-discovery. "No one really wants to have those days where they don't like themselves and I was having one when I wrote that song. And I just felt like it was a really therapeutic co-write that day," she shared. "I wrote it with my friend Sarah Aarons, who wrote "The Middle," and Greg Kurstin and we just sort of went back and forth on who the song was about and then I realized, 'Oh, girl it's about you.' So that was a harsh reality. But then the song ends on such a positive note. It felt like [an] empowerment song."

Maren Morris Performs 'GIRL' During Her Album Release Party

Maren then transitioned to her 2016 single "My Church" — my all-time fav— before sharing how much her life has changed in the three years since the release of her last album, Hero. "I still have my sass and Texan in me, but I also have gotten married in the last year, fallen in love and so there's a lot more love on this record represented," she admitted. "And yeah, a lot's changed in my life, but also the industry's changed, the culture of music has changed this year, I just felt Iike I wanted to put something out that's honest and uplifting because it's crazy times and I felt like this was a good medicinal record to put out."

After performing another throwback, "I Could Use A Love Song," Maren followed-up with two new tracks, "The Bones" and "All My Favorite People." While "The Bones" was the first song released off Girl, which was done on purpose because so many of her family and friends loved the track, "All My Favorite People" holds a special place in Maren's heart since she wrote it with her husband Ryan Hurd. "My husband and I met writing songs so it doesn't ever feel weird to have that part of our relationship be creative and professional. We love writing songs [...] when we get the chance I love writing with him," Maren shared. "He's got such a great brain and he's had so much success as a songwriter, outside of his artistry. He's a good ear to have. We wrote this and brought it to our friends Brothers Osbourne to see if they'd want to be a part of it, which they said yes and they just elevated the song so much."

The "80’s Mercedes" singer concluded her intimate show performing "The Feels," "RSVP," "Shade," "A Song for Everything," and, of course, one of my favorites, "Rich."

As for what's next for Miss Morris, well she's got a busy year ahead of her as her tour doesn't wrap until late August. Maren will be touring throughout the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. She's also set to take the iHeartRadio Award Show stage on Thursday (March 14).

In addition to her new album and on-going tour, Morris has a lot more to celebrate as she is nominated for several iHeartRadio Music Awards. The "Girl" singer is nominated for Song of the Year, Best Collaboration and Dance Song of the Year for "The Middle" and Country Song of the Year for "Rich." The 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards takes place on Thursday, March 14th and will air live from the Microsoft Theater on FOX at 8 pm ET/PT.

iHeartRadio LIVE with Maren Morris Set List:

  1. "GIRL"
  2. "My Church"
  3. "I Could Use A Love Song"
  4. "The Bones"
  5. "All My Favorite People" 
  6. "The Feels" 
  7. "RSVP"
  8. "Shade"
  9. "A Song for Everything" 
  10. "Rich"

Photo: Getty Images