Everyone Pitched Dogs They Think Bobby Should Get

Bobby Bones lost his beloved dog Dusty almost a year ago and he's recently started to be interested in getting another dog. He's been watching dog videos online and looking up different breeds that he think may be a good fit.

After talking about looking at dogs, the crew on The Bobby Bones Show all pitched a different breed of dog that Bones should look into adopting. Bones requirements of the pup are that they can travel well with him and are a great companion. Not much to ask for... so naturally everyone on the show suggested small dogs to Bones.

Amy suggested a French Bulldog because it's small, cute, friendly and yet, still manly. Lunchbox said a Teacup Poodle because it reminds him of Bones in that they're both very smart, but feminine. Eddie suggested a Chihuahua because of it's size, yet determination to be protective. Morgan2 suggested a Cavapoo because she has one and they travel well, adapt well to environments, and love to be social with humans.

If you want to suggest a dog to Bones, drop it on our Facebook page comments below!