Will Dierks Bentley’s Son Knox Follow His Footsteps?

Recently, Dierks Bentley told Cody Alan that having Knox costar in the official music video for “Living” was more than a father-son bonding experience. It has actually helped his son become more comfortable being in the limelight.

In case you haven’t seen the official video, we will share it below.

The “Living” video quickly became a family affair, but has Knox been bitten by the entertainment bug? It might be too early to tell.

Dierks did share with Cody that the experience not only was a great bonding experience for the father-son duo, but it has opened the door for Knox to be more comfortable being the center of attention.

“He loved being in the video,” said Dierks. “When he comes on CMT, he says “Wow! That’s pretty cool! That was a great day dad!”

See Dierks and Knox enjoy an action-packed day filled with Go-Karts, bumper cars, foam pits, hitting drumheads, and playing with puppies in the video below.

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