Food World IRL: Morgan2 Tests Out Special Foods From Grocery Stores

These days brands are dropping all kinds of limited edition and special flavors of their popular items. It's become a thing to turn the OG (original) items into something better to keep up with all the trends.

Morgan2 does a segment on The Bobby Bones Show called "Food World," so she takes it to the streets sometimes to do a "Food World IRL (in real life)" where she tastes out the products being dropped by famous brands or businesses. In this edition of Food World IRL, Morgan2 went to various grocery stores and picked up four items that just got dropped that may make great items to take to a holiday party.

The four items she picked up, where she found them, and her rankings are listed below:

Lay's Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup (Publix)

Morgan2 gave this item a 9/10 rating. She noted that the chips have more tomato flavoring than cheddar, but worthy of a pickup at the store.

Boar's Head Pumpkin Pie Dessert Hummus (Kroger)

She rated this item a 7/10 and said that it tasted a lot like a Pumpkin Pie before it gets cooked. She said it's a fun specialty item if you're looking for something different.

Ritz Fudge Covered Crackers (Kroger)

This item got a 3/10 from Morgan2. She noted that it's different, but not worthy of an out-of-way pickup. She wished the fudge was better quality.

Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats (Walmart)

Morgan2 had this item the lowest on her list giving it a 2/10 rating. She said that it's better to stick with the OG, because this one has too much cinnamon.

Watch above to see Morgan2's full reviews of these four items.

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