Amy's 12-Year-Old Daughter Wants Over-The-Knee Boots


Amy's 12-year-old daughter Stachira is growing up. As most parents know, as kids grow up their interests start to change. Stachira is getting more into fashion and with her mom being very in tune with fashion trends, she sees all kinds of different fashion trends she may want to wear.

One of those trends is over-the-knee boots. A common trend with young adult women and older women to wear over-the-knee boots with dresses, and skirts for dressier nights and over jeans for a casual look. Stachira not only saw Amy wearing the boots on a night out, but also saw Morgan2 wearing them on Instagram. Because of this, Stachira kept telling Amy that she wanted some of her own. Immediately, Amy and her husband said no way, but then Amy decided to take it to the show to find out if she was being too harsh.

Everyone on the show thought it was fine as long as the boots Amy gets Stachira aren't with heels and are worn with jeans or leggings. A lot of our listeners also debated the situation on our Facebook page and shared their thoughts.


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