National Geo President Courteney Fought For Bobby To Be On 'Running Wild'

The President of National Geographic Television Courteney Monroe called into The Bobby Bones Show to share with everyone how Bones got onto the show in the first place.

Monroe thought of Bones because she's a listener of the show and said he was perfect for the show, but she had to convince a lot of the people at National Geographic to take a chance. And now they're all glad she did, because his episode is the best of the whole season. She went on to say that those who are willing to go out of their comfort zone and be very authentic with Bear Grylls do the best and that's who Bones is every day with his radio show. She confessed that most celebrities are less willing to lay it all out there. She really felt that Bones played into the "core of who he is."

Monroe said that she really thinks the show found the right home on National Geographic and it has allowed them to go to more adventurous locations and be much more hardcore. So Bones was on the best episodes since the show switched from NBC to Nat Geo. This episode will air globally and be translated in more than 45 different languages.

We learned a little more about Monroe too, she works with a high amount of well known individuals like Leonardo DiCaprio. Monroe was the one who persuaded DiCaprio to allow Nat Geo to air his climate change documentary. She told him it would go everywhere in the world from social media to television and he responded saying that "she made his dreams come true."

Tonight, Bones episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls airs on National Geographic at 10/9 central

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