Jessi Alexander Was About To Quit Right Before She Wrote "The Climb"

Singer songwriter Jessi Alexander just dropped her new single "Mama Drank." While working on her own music, Alexander is well known for her songwriting in the country music community and beyond.

Alexander came on The Bobby Bones Show and talked about her career as a songwriter and artist. She moved to Nashville and was thinking about quitting the music industry all together. So she decided to write her frustration into a song. She took all of the "no's" she got from record labels and wrote the song "The Climb." Shortly after, she got a call about the song for the movie The Last Song and Miley Cyrus would be the one singing it. Alexander's original "The Climb" song was more adult and had more spiritual lyrics, but they asked her to rewrite the song specifically for Cyrus. She shared that she spent a lot of time with Cyrus during the filming of the movie to teach her how to play different guitar parts. For one of her own albums, Alexander recorded her version of "The Climb" as a collaboration with Chris and Morgane Stapleton.

Other well known songs Alexander has written after her success with "The Climb" include "I Drive Your Truck" recorded by Lee Brice and "Mine Would Be You" recorded by Blake Shelton. Alexander shared that she originally pitched "I Drive Your Truck" to Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean who both passed on it, but once she heard Brice sing it, she knew it found the right home. "Mine Would Be You" may be the most well known of Alexander's writings recorded by Shelton, but it's not the only one. Alexander and Shelton have had a long relationship and are great friends. She said that they did The Angry Birds movie together.

Check out her performances of the songs she wrote on our IGTV channel here.

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