Hot Country Knights Wants To Put The "T" Back In Country Music

Hot Country Knights is a band brought together by Dierks Bentley. They consist of members Barry Van Ricky, Marty Ray Roburn, Douglas Douglason, Trevor Travis, Monte Montgomery, and Terote J Dvoraczekyns. When looking at the band, it's as if they're stuck in the 90s.

Not only is all of their merchandise showing off the neon from the 90s, but their outfits when performing also reflect the 90s. The group even covers their favorite 90s songs when they perform. The group is very eclectic and love to show fans a look into their lives through HCKTV.

The group stopped by The Bobby Bones Show and it was hard to figure out which member is the lead singer, but arguably it's Douglas Douglason. They say that Dierks Bentley gave them a real inspirational speech back in the day and inspired them to get moving forward to become the band they are today. They told Bobby Bones they are putting the "T" AKA testosterone back in country since their seems to be lots of sad songs out right now.

Their debut single and original song "Pick Her Up" featuring Travis Tritt is out now. While they're known for their covers, they're putting out an album of all original songs. "You Make It Hard" will be on the album and it's a duet with Terri Clark, as well as the song "Mule It Over," which is a song about all of their unique hairstyles.

Check out their performance on The Bobby Bones Show about their mashup of 90s songs on IGTV here.


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