TMSG: TikTok User Saved From Cancer Because Of Commenter

TikTok is turning out to be doing a lot of good for some users. While the app is known for creating video challenges or having people show off their epic dance moves, it's also a connected community.

Alex Griswold shared a video on TikTok about married life to his nearly 500K followers last December. Two complete strangers reached out to Griswold because of the video and they warned him about a possible sign of skin cancer.

Griswold's bare back is shown in the video with a couple of moles on his skin. One of the shots caught the eye of two of his followers, one being a melanoma survivor Lizzie Wells, who is currently studying to become a doctor. Because of a message from Wells, Griswold decided to make an appointment to go to the dermatologist.

He later took to his TikTok to share a 60-second compilation explaining what happened and thanked the individuals who tipped him off, noting "because of two kind strangers I avoided skin cancer."

Photo: via Good Morning America Video

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