TMSG: Paralyzed Groom Gets Help From Dad, Brother For First Dance

Bride and groom Hugo Rohling and Cynthia Zanuni are going viral for something that happened at their wedding.

Rohling was paralyzed from a motorcycle accident five years prior and has been in a wheelchair ever since. He really wanted to make sure he could stand up for his first dance with his wife, so he found a way to make it happen.

They had just began their slow dance when Rohling's family members joined the two newlyweds on the dance floor. The video going viral shows the groom's father and brother taking a seat on either side of Rohling and getting their legs strapped to his. Then, he throws his arms around his family members and they all stand up from the chairs. Zanuni then joined her standing husband as the group swayed to the music and everyone in attendance is cheering loudly in the background.

The video has been viewed over 16 million times.

Photo: Getty Images

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