TMSG: School Principal Donates Kidney To Father Of 3 Students

Sarah Schecter is the the principal at The Oakridge School in Arlington, Texas. She noticed that three of her students, William in 3rd grade, Sydney in 4th grade, and Aaron in 8th grade, were acting different than normal.

Upon talking with the children's mother, Schecter found out that their father had been diagnosed with acute renal failure and a transplant was his only option to survive. Schecter told ABC News,

"Very shortly after she told me - like within days or maybe even hours - I felt a heavy burden. I didn't want to be the person to give a kidney - who wants to do into surgery and do something crazy like that? To think they could lose their dad when they're just kids in school, I just want them to have their dad."

After several months, Schecter told Amenze Jones that she wanted to be tested to find out if she could be a donor for her husband. Schecter turned out to be the perfect match and the transplant operation was successfully completed in middle January.

Photo: Getty Images

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