TMSG: Young Girl Who Wasn't Expected To Walk Now Running & Playing

Five-year-old London Fazekas was diagnosed with spina bifida when her mother, Crystal Byers, was 18 weeks pregnant with her.

Spina bifida is a life-threatening birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don't form properly. For the first three years of her life, Fazekas spent lots of time in the hospital, at doctor's appointments, and physical therapy. As Fazekas continued her physical therapy, her weekly visits decreased to just monthly visits.

Her mother credits her daughter's positivity to being the reason Fazekas can now stand without any assistance. Byers told Good Morning America that now Fazekas' favorite activities include swimming, ballet, karaoke and kicking around the soccer ball with her dad.

Her doctor, Dr. Petra Klinge, director of Hasbro Children's Hospital pediatric neurosurgery division, predicts that Fazekas will live an independent life.

Photo: Getty Images

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