TMSG: Students Gift Math Teacher New York Yankees Season Opener Tickets


Lee Barber is a dedicated match teacher at Ramapo High School in New Jersey. He wasn't feeling great after an incident at home. He was caring his daughter Kaiya, who has cerebral palsy, when he fell down the stairs and got a concussion and had to get stitches.

The incident didn't stop him from showing up for his students the very next day though. To thank him for his dedication to them, the seniors got together and decided to do something nice for Barber. They collected money between all of them and were quickly able to surprise him with family tickets to the New York Yankees' season opener game.

The heartwarming moment was captured on video and shared to social media. The Yankees found out about the act of kindness and that's when Aaron Boone, their manager, appeared in a short TikTok video to invite Barber to another game AND batting practice beforehand. Not only that, first baseman Luke Voit also appeared in the video to invite all of the students to the game as well.

Barber told the class after everything, "All right, you all get As. I can't teach anymore. You've learned what's important in life."

Photo: Getty Images

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