TMSG: Community Rallies To Support School That Ran Out Of Paper

Caucasian girl cutting paper with scissors

Katie Couch is a school counselor at Sto-Rox Upper Elementary School. The school is in a low income school district and Couch took to social media for a plea.

Couch heard the news that the school wouldn't have enough paper to finish out the year. She told Good Morning America, "I called Office Depot, I called Staples, I called a few different places and they told me to fill out a donor request form, which I did." But in a hope for a quicker response, Couch took to Twitter.

She tweeted, "I am a school counselor at Sto-Rox, a low income school district in the #Pittsburgh area. We have completely run out of paper for the rest of the year. Any businesses willing to donate paper to use?"


After Couch made the post, donations started pouring in - local businesses, neighboring school districts and individual donors from across the country all started pitching in. Along with plenty of paper, the school also received hundreds of boxes of tissues, snacks and boxes of new art supplies.

Couch said "I felt really proud of the community and I felt really proud to help the students that I work with every day."


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