Will Ferrell Speaks on Why Every Vote Counts in an Election on New Podcast

In a big election, it's easy to feel like your vote won't matter — but Will Ferrell is here to tell you that it absolutely does.

The "Ron Burgundy Podcast" host was a guest on iHeartMedia's "Why I'm Voting" podcast, during which he opened up about leanring about the importance of voting at an early age, and how he stays informed on candidates in local and national elections. But, he also recalled a moment while canvassing during the 2016 election, for candidate Hillary Clinton, that shows just how much every person's voice matters. He explained:

"One of the things that was a little bit disheartening, we went out to canvas for Hillary in 2016 and we went to the state of North Carolina, which I have ties to from my family, and a group of us went out and we did a bunch of things in [the] Raleigh/Durham area. It was really just an amazing day, but when we started talking to some of the boots on the ground people, the thing that was a little bit foreboding was that they were talking to young women of college age. And a lot of the reaction they were getting was, 'Oh, Hillary is either going to win, so I don't need to vote, or I'm going to see a woman president in my lifetime and I'm not necessarily on her side, so I don't need to vote now, it'll eventually happen.' And it didn't."

Ferrell added, "And so I would just point to, regardless of who your candidate is and who your beliefs line up with, you can't kind of sit back and relax and rely on [things] just to happen. It just all points to how important it is to literally take the time, carve that moment out of your day or whether you have to do early voting or absentee or whatever is, it's a very small thing, in a way, that can have massive ramifications. And that's what we have to always keep in mind."

Listen to Will Ferrell's full "Why I'm Voting" podcast episode on iHeartRadio.

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