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Eddie's Foster Kid Almost Got In Trouble For Toy He Took To School

One of Eddie's foster kids almost got into some big trouble. When Eddie went to pick up the kids from school, he found out that his foster kid brought a gun to school. It was a water gun, and it was in his foster kid's backpack.

The teachers told Eddie that his foster kid wasn't in trouble, but it couldn't happen again. Turns out, the foster kid had left the water gun in his backpack from a recent family outing. When the family all went somewhere together, the kids were allowed to pack some of their toys in their backpacks. Well, the water gun was one of those toys and it had been in his foster kid's backpack ever since. It wasn't until he tried to pull out a book and the water gun fell out that he and the teacher discovered it was there.

His foster kid wasn't even playing with the water gun at school, he just forgot it was in his backpack. That's why he didn't get in trouble for anything since it was all an innocent accident.